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FirstWrap Investment Strategy - FY18 Review
Jul 15, 2018

The managed funds that make up the Limberg Asset Management Investment strategies have performed well over 3 month, 1 year and 3 year times.
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Fund in Focus: AMP Core Infrastructure fund
Dec 31, 2016

The AMP Core Infrastrucutre provides global exposure in listed and unlisted infrastructure assets which provide essential services, have monopolistic characteristics, low operating risk and volatility and predictable long duration cash flows. With the world population growing the investment into infrastructure projects is essential to provide services to people such as water, electricity and transportation.
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Fund in Focus: AMP Wholesale Australian Property Fund
Sep 30, 2016

The AMP Wholesale Australian Property Fund primarily invests in direct property and may also invest in Australian listed property securities and cash to assist in managing the Fund’s return profile and liquidity. The Fund targets assets which have high occupancy rates and stable income streams underpinned by leases to long term, secure commercial and government tenants.
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Fund in Focus: Australian Ethical – Australian Shares Fund
Jul 14, 2016

The Australian Ethical – Australian Shares Fund uses an Ethical Charter to seek out or avoid investments that do not fit within the charter as being socially or ethically responsible. Australian Ethical believes in the transformative power of money to achieve positive social and environmental outcomes. Their goal is to deliver socially responsible outcomes whilst delivering sustainable positive returns.
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Magellan Global Equity Fund
Feb 20, 2016

This $9 Billion Fund Manager Says He's Sticking With Cash: An interesting article from Bloomberg that references Hamish Douglas head of the Magellan Global Equity Fund which is part of the global asset allocation within the Limberg Asset Management investment models.
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Fund in Focus: SG Hiscock ICE Fund
Jan 15, 2016

The SGH ICE fund is an Australian equity funds that looks to invest in industrial companies. Typically, the fund holds 40 companies that are predominately mid to small caps outside the top 100 companies. These are described as the “safe end of small caps” with the aim being to identify growing companies with strong revenue growth. The lead fund manager is Callum Burns who has over 14 year’s experience in asset management and has his own funds invested in the fund.
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