Fund in Focus: Macquarie High Conviction Fund

by Chris Limberg on Mar 31, 2017

Fund Summary:

The key ideas driving the Macquarie High Conviction fund are:

  • A focused approach: A concentrated portfolio of best ideas. The portfolio generally holds 25 to 30 holdings which are selected based on the best ideas available. These ideas are measured against a thematic outlook based on themes influenced by China, Global (USA, Europe & Asia), Australian and Yield
  • A truly unconstrained portfolio: Focusing on identifying opportunities in value and growth market cycles. This results in consistent long term outperformance
  • A proven track record: the fund has delivered strong returns across all markets cycles having been established in Nov 2005 and managed funds through the GFC

Fund Objective:

The Macquarie High Conviction fund aims to outperform the S&P/ASX 200 Accumulation Index over the medium to long term. It aims to provide capital growth and some income.

Find Strategy:

The fund only holds shares that the investment team believes will generate the highest returns. The investment model is concentrated as the name suggests with a maximum of 30 holdings at any time, including both value and growth shares. Holdings can be companies listed or expected to be listed on the ASX.

Performance: as at 31st March 2017